This historical narrative of the happenings in Eisenberg does not intend to anticipate or influence the judgement of the church. These happenings are solely based on personal human statements.

The farmer’s wife Aloisia Lex

Aloisia Lex, a farmer’s daughter nee Klettner of Eisenberg, was born on 19th June 1907 in Eisenberg. She was brought up in a pious family and had five brothers and sisters. Since her mother died at a young age, and as she was the oldest daughter, Aloisia had to take over the household duties and take care of the younger members of the family. In the year 1929 she married the travelling merchant by the name of Karl Lex. Both were 22 years of age at the time. They shared a happy marriage and were blessed every year with a child, 15 children in all, most of which were healthy.

However, she could be saved by a good medical doctor but did not recover fully from this deadly illness, as it was generally called at the time. For many years she was closer to death than to life. It seemed at the time that there was no more hope of her recovery. The doctor only shook his head and said to her husband, Karl Lex, that she could pass away at any time. After an operation she was paralyzed on her left side and weighed only 39 kg.

After another relapse she received the last rights, the anointing of the sick and lay unconscious in her home. In her absence from this world Mother Lex had the first apparition of Christ in 1946. In her state of unconsciousness Jesus appeared to her carrying His cross and with the crown of thorns on His head. He said that she should help Him to carry His cross. Mother Lex remained unconscious during all of this and said at a later stage that she could not say for certain, whether it was only a dream or a real apparition.

She said the one thing she did know was that her Jesus appeared with the cross and asked her to help Him carry it.

Her husband and children stood crying around her death-bed. Two of her children ran to the cross not far away, nearly in front of the house where there was and still is a big cross covered in ivy along the side of the road. The children climbed, and embraced the figure of the crucified Jesus on the cross and begged for help. That was apparently around the same time as Mother Lex was unconscious and close to death when Christ appeared to their mother.

The children’s prayers were heard. Mother Lex did not die then and her fear of death disappeared. However, she continued to remain very weak and sickly and could hardly go out of the house. She often thought about the dream–apparition and just thought and understood that she should help Him carry His cross with her illness. Therefore she never complained, but carried her cross patiently for ten years through her illness.

A forerunner experience

In the year of 1947 the Aloisia Lex’s father saw a lady dressed in white and who wore a veil.

The apparition was in the place in the meadow, where 9 years later Heaven imprinted the mark of the cross in the ground. Even two Marion apparitions in the Marion year of 1954 confirm the origin of the place of grace in Eisenberg.
During the night of the 8th September 1954, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God appeared to her youngest daughter, Annemarie who was 6 ½ years at the time. Her little daughter spoke the following words the next morning:

“Last night the Heavenly Father appeared to me. He was so beautiful and completely dressed in snow-white clothing and had a long Rosary Beads.”

The child was too young at that time to differentiate exactly between the Heavenly Father and the Mother of God. In the afternoon Annemarie rushed into the house from the garden, looking very pale with fright and trembling all over and said that the Mother of God had appeared to her.

“Mummy, the Heavenly Father was in the garden and was completely snow white and had a long Rosary Beads with a large crucifix and Our Saviour was alive and completely covered in blood. There was a large golden buckle on the belt and there was a long white veil. As she stood on the ground, she only smiled and did not say anything. When the wind blew you could see beautiful curls beneath the veil. A ball of light came with a storm and even the chickens stood still in a row as if paralyzed.“

It appeared therefore that Annemarie saw in this ball of light a lady dressed in a long white dress and a long veil. In her folded hands she held a long Rosary Beads with a large crucifix, on which Our Saviour hung and was bleeding all over.

Abundant Graces of the Lord

Aloisia Lex was afflicted with a serious illness from 1946 to 1956.
Already in 1946 she received the last rights, the anointment of the sick when she lay three days unconscious in bed. Her husband and children stood at her bed and were crying. In this time of absence from the world Jesus appeared to her carrying His cross and with a crown of thorns on His head. He spoke to her as follows:

“You must help Me to carry My cross!”

Apparently during the same time as Christ appeared to their mother two of her children ran out to the big cross, called in German *Wegkreuz, covered in ivy which was not far from the house, along the side of the road. The children climbed, and embraced the figure of the crucified Jesus on the cross and begged for help. The children’s prayers were heard. Mother Lex did not die then and her fear of death disappeared. However, she continued to remain very weak and sickly and could hardly go out of the house. After ten years of patiently carrying her cross Aloisia received a further large grace.

In the early morning of the 6th September 1956 a cross with a live corpus on it appeared in front of her bed. It resembled the cross in front of her house. Our Saviour nailed to the cross became life-sized and alive. Mother Lex experienced her second Christ apparition. She saw the glory of God. With much reverence and deeply moved by this Aloisia begged for mercy for herself and her relatives. With this, Our Lord opened His eyes, smiled at her and spoke in a mild tone of voice:

„Your sins are forgiven, as well as those of your family and also your deceased parents.”

Our Lord’s face shone like the sun.

After these words, Our Saviour closed His eyes again and with that the vision ended. From this moment on Aloisia Lex was healed, both in body and soul! She felt as if she were in Heaven and wanted to die soon as the world meant nothing to her anymore. After ten years of illness she got up out of her bed and told the members of her family of her beautiful experience and convinced them of her recovery.
Since the apparition she became a changed person, however she continued to fulfil her domestic obligations but her thoughts were nonetheless only directed toward supernatural things. On the same day Mother Lex visited the high solemn mass in the parish church of St. Martin on the Raab because at the same time the Blessed Sacrament was being exposed. After mass was over she continued to pray for a long time, sunk in deep devotion in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Cross in the Soil

In the afternoon of 6th September 1956 the farmer’s wife Aloisia Lex walked along the stable towards the meadow in order to get food for the pigs. She walked through the orchard and suddenly stopped in surprise, surprised and at the same time frightened as she looked on the ground:

„What on earth has happened here with the lawn?”

she asked herself in awe. The juicy green of the meadow had become withered at the very same place of the preceding Marion apparitions, and the yellow-brown coloured grass showed clearly the form of a cross. “A strange freak of nature!” she thought to herself. She did not attempt to say anything to any members of her family on that day as her husband always reacted in a hostile way on hearing about miracles or supernatural signs.

The following day, the 7th September was a very rainy day and for that reason none of the family bothered to go out of the house, but however on that same evening Mother Lex could not keep to herself anymore what she had seen and decided to tell her husband. As she had expected her husband exploded again. However, she remained calm and asked him to go and see for himself. On the following morning, the 8th September 1956, on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she went down into the garden accompanied by her family, in order to have another look at that particular mysterious spot. This time the Lawn Cross was clearly visible. The whole family saw it and believed in it. The youngest daughter, Annemarie knelt down at the cross and said:

„Here on the ground where this cross is, I have seen the Mother of God.“

On account of this event Mother Lex asked Our Lord Jesus Christ for an explanation and received the following internal locution:

„God descended once again upon earth through His cross to offer His love and mercy to the poor mankind.”

The Supernatural Lawn Cross

The visionary, Aloisia Lex described the Lawn Cross to the pilgrims in simple words:
„The grass detached itself from the soil. It was withered in the form of a cross, so that the grass looked woolly. It looked like angel’s hair. I could easily pull the grass off from the ground with my hand. The clay underneath was so smooth, square-edged and exactly to the millimetre. No human hand could have done that, as one would have to pull out the dried up grass from the hard soil and as a result the ground would have been damaged. The form of the cross looked as if it were chiselled into the ground. The whole surface of the cross was so smooth, despite the dryness of the soil. Not one blade of grass grew in the area of the cross. Not the smallest crumb of soil was to be seen on the ground. No cattle or chickens stood in the area of the Lawn Cross!”

Mrs Lex continued to tell:
„I have abandoned myself to my Lord God and His Blessed Mother out of gratitude for this great grace and because I was healed. I promised Our Saviour that I would pray each night at the cross.”

The broadcasting service and the newspapers reported on the mysterious cross of Eisenberg. On hearing about this thousands of people came and wanted to see it.

Persistent Prayer at the Lawn Cross

Since the appearance of the Lawn Cross Mrs Lex felt a great urge to pray over and over again.
Regardless of all the slandering, hostility and scoffing Mother Lex prayed nevertheless daily every evening until midnight at the Lawn Cross. During this time of prayer she had apparitions of crosses in the sky in all colours and sizes, with and without rays. The crosses continued to move eastward. During the icy winter nights the Lawn Cross poured out warmth. Many nights she had only three to four hours and felt nevertheless rested and could start out in the morning in full form to do her day’s work. She led a life of atonement and sacrifice.

At the beginning of December 1956 the youngest child, Annemarie became seriously ill. The Virgin Mary appeared to the little girl for the third time and instructed her that she be carried to the Lawn Cross. During the very cold night of the 8th December they did what Our Lady wanted and Annemarie was immediately healed. A critically ill man, called Lazar who was also from the village was brought to the Lawn Cross and he too was healed. The next healing was a blind young woman. On her way home from the Lawn Cross she regained sight of her eyes. The number of people looking for help increased and many believers asked for Mrs Lex to pray for them. Persistent prayers and deep faith bore much fruit and from then on the pilgrims called the visionary, Mrs Lex “Mother Lex.”

By the grace of God further healings and conversions followed right up to the present day. Since the year of 1957 Christ continued to appear to Mother Lex in the large Host in the Monstrance. Beginning with the year 1961 she also began to see Him in the small consecrated host. During Holy Communion she saw Our Saviour radiating beautifully as at His resurrection. Jesus blessed the faithful in the church from the communion host.

In November of 1964, St. Martin of Tours, who died in the year of 397 A.D and patron saint of the parish of St. Martin on the Raab and of Burgenland, (the castle country) appeared to Mother Lex in his bishop’s clothing. Standing at the Lawn Cross he had a crucifix in his hands and with it gave his blessing facing in the direction of Hungary.

Mother Lex saw many crosses again and again which lit up over the Lawn Cross and then moving eastward: That was the power of prayer that had become visible for all to see.

Light over Eisenberg

1972 to 1973 there was a lot of building activity taking place in Eisenberg. First the cow stable was converted into a house chapel, so that vigil nights of atonement could be held, where there was a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima in this small chapel. Soon the area was too small and a second larger chapel followed with a large life-sized statue of Patre Pio. During Easter of 1973 the pilgrim guesthouse, Martinihof could be inaugurated.

What Mother Lex proclaimed to us let it be known to mankind:

“Get prepared through prayer, sacrifice and penance because a new era is approaching, which will come about through renewal of the Holy Spirit. The world is off balance. If mankind does not beg the Almighty God through prayer to bestow us with His blessing here on earth, the times we live can change for the worse by forces of nature and disasters and the earth can become barren. Without God’s blessing mankind cannot exist! Therefore, be awake and pray, make sacrifices and atonement, because the decisive hour approaches.”

A “great” Good Friday is approaching for mankind. Mother Lex did not understand this at first. Not a usual Good Friday, but a supernatural Good Friday; an intervention of God! Many people will die.

Mother Lex was shown many graves in a vision, as far as the eye could see, all fresh graves and new crosses. However, after each Good Friday an Easter Sunday morning follows. As well, a beautiful radiating Easter morning approaches for mankind, an Easter morning that will triumph in the cross and in the truth. People who pray the Rosary daily and obey the instructions of the Mother of God do not have anything to be afraid of. Mary protects her children. She will take care of her children in the future too. That is what Our Mother Mary promised in Eisenberg.