Mother Lex

Aloisia Lex, a farmer’s daughter nee Klettner of Eisenberg, was born on 19th June 1907 in Eisenberg.
Mother Lex experienced many visions, signs and revelations from Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mother of God right up to the time when she went to her eternal home. She wrote down the messages she received and passed them on in obedience to the bishop.

Mother Lex was a patient sufferer, a victim soul. Genuine atonement means accepting one’s cross patiently, which Our Lord sends us. In this way Mother Lex became a great example to us. Let us call on Mother Aloisia Lex as an intecessor in Heaven.

Words of the late Mother Lex:

„Once I am dead I can do much more for you, provided then that you still ask me and do not forget. “

Basic data from the life of Mother Lex

  • 19th June 1907 Birth of Aloisia Klettner

    Aloisia Lex, Tochter des Bauern Klettner von Eisenberg, wurde am 19. Juni 1907 in Eisenberg geboren.
  • 21st June 1907 Taufe

    Baptism on the feast of St. Aloisius Gonzaga
  • 1929Aloisia Klettner married Karl Lex

  • 1945 - 1955 Schwere Besatzungszeit

    Difficult time when the Russians and the Partisans occupied the area. Aloisia Lex had to flee with her family into the immediate forest. The Russians besieged their house for a short time. A lot of poverty prevailed in the area.
  • 1946Difficult house birth

    Due to a difficult house birth, followed by a complicated operation, Aloisia became very weak and sickly.
  • 1946First apparition of Christ

    Because of her illness she became unconscious and was close to death, Aloisia experienced her first apparition of Christ. Our Savour carrying His cross and with the crown of thorns on His head spoke to Aloisia: “You must help Me to carry My cross.”
  • 1946 - 1956 Seriously Illness

    Aloisia became seriously ill and had to lie in bed most of the time.
  • 8th September 1954 Erscheinung der Jungfrau Maria

    The Virgin Mary appeared to Mother Lex’s youngest daughter in the afternoon at the same place in the garden, where two years later the Lawn Cross became visible in the ground.
  • 13th October 1955 Fatima day

    Aloisia saw the silhouette of a woman surrounded by light in the orchard.
  • 6th September 1956 Second apparition of Christ

    Mother Lex fell deeply unconscious in the early morning and had a second apparition of Christ and was healed after ten years of illness.
  • 6th September 1956 The lawn in the garden

    In the afternoon a powerful angel of God imprinted the lawn in the garden of the Lex family with the mark of the holy cross. Aloisia saw the Lawn Cross for the first time.